BAY AREA & PACIFIC COAST DEVELOPMENT, INC. (“BAPCD, Inc.”) is a California Corporation, that was incorporated January 02, 2013, and effective July 25, 2016, a Registered Investment Adviser Firm with its principal place of business located in Oakland, California and the Adviser is wholly owned by Milton Boyd, JR. Investment Adviser Representative.

The sole investment objective of the Adviser is to seek positive investment returns over various market cycles, with the whole of such returns derived from Commercial Real Estate (CRE) for its positive Net Present Value (NPV) and present value of a growing perpetuity and the Adviser has pledged by the Trust Indenture for continuous reinvestment. Accordingly, the Adviser also seeks, over time, to develop the “real purchasing power” of an investment in our CRE ACQUISITION FUND through capital appreciation of the CRE Pool.

Our CRE ACQUISITION FUND invest solely in CRE. The amount of CRE Pooled will increase over time reinvesting the Retained Cash Flow (RCP) securitizing into CMBS developing the CRE Pool to become larger than the original investment. Many factors will affect the performance of the CRE Pool. There is no assurance that our CRE ACQUISITION FUND will achieve its investment objectives.

Additional information is also available on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at

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